Master of grooming haircut makes gray persian cat on the table for grooming

Give your kitty the best in grooming.

You love your cat. Why not show it with a special grooming treat at Canine Corner?






Cat enjoying a hot bath and shower

Grooming designed especially for cats

Unlike dogs, many cats are resistant to the idea of water, bathing, and physical contact for prolonged periods of time. At Canine Corner, however, your cat will love being in the lap of luxury. Grooming services include:

  • Bathing and ear cleaning
  • Full drying, brushing, and haircuts, if appropriate
  • Nails trimmed, clipped, and filed
  • Personalized scarf and cologne

Fluffy will leave looking like the queen of cats, no matter what you decide on.

Don’t forget to ask for 10% OFF your first visit!

Extra grooming services you can count on

When you rely on any service at Canine Corner, there are certain courtesies that become standard. Count on great perks when you bring your cat by, including:

  • Flea & tick control products
  • Flexible drop-off and pick-up
  • Grooming by appointment
  • Professional pet styling

No matter what you have in mind for your kitty, you can find it at Canine Corner. That’s a promise!

Cats need grooming, too! Call now to make an appointment.


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