Comprehensive Dog and Cat Grooming Services

Treat Your Pup Like One of the Family

Your pet is an integral part of your daily life, from walks to feeding to grooming. Give Fido or Fluffy the right care and affection today. You love your pets – don’t you want to show them?
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First-Time Customers Can Enjoy a Discount on Our Already Affordable Prices!

Just because your pet is important doesn’t mean you can pour hundreds of dollars into dog or cat care. Luckily, at Canine Corner, you can always get the best for prices you can afford. First-time customers even get 10% OFF!

Get Excellent Dog and Cat Grooming Services From Us

Dog grooming goes a long way in keeping coats clean and silky and dogs happy and healthy. Give your dog the best experiences possible with top-notch grooming for any breed.
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Like dogs, cats can benefit greatly from proper grooming, cleaning, and care. Give your kitty the pampering she deserves with the best in grooming, trimming, and fluffing.
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First-Time Grooming Experiences

Is your pet just a puppy? Canine Corner is happy to provide first-time grooming services to help your pet adapt. Call today to get your puppy his first nail trim, bath, and haircut!
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10% OFF
First-time customers receive 10% OFF. - Canine Corner.
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